If your church would like to gather together a studio audience for a recording of our radio show, please contact us using the form below. How soon we can record might depend on where you are, but in theory any venue is possible. And we can bring our own gear too, you’d just need to provide the space and the people!

So far, the following churches and Christian organizations have allowed us to put on recording nights in their spaces.

– The All Souls Clubhouse, Cleveland Street, London (parts of episodes 1-12).
– Saint Augustine’s Anglican Church, Moreland, Melbourne, Australia (parts of episodes 4, 7, 11 and 12).
– Saint Johns Anglican Church, Brunswick West, Melbourne, Australia (parts of episodes 5 and 11).

Our big thanks to all of them!

It might seem funny that we don’t mention any of these places on air, except briefly at the end of episode 12. This is largely because the arrangement with the Clubhouse was sort of only a commercial one, and the Clubhouse didn’t want us to say anything that implied they had officially endorsed the program.

St Augustine’s and St John’s were very enthusiastic about what we were doing, though, and kindly let us use their space for free. So we’re hoping to record all our future episodes in the same way. Please get in touch if you can help!

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