Here’s where you can get all your Pilgrim’s Pod purchases.

One item is fairly cheap – because we hope you might want to give it to friends or family.

The others are all quite expensive – these are to raise money for a second series – so if you really like the program please consider buying something at a grossly inflated price!

To place an order, scroll down to leave a comment and we’ll be in touch to sort out the details. Your comments won’t appear on the site – we’ll just see them behind the scenes.

Compact Disc

We’ve made an old-school CD of most of the songs that Will sings on the program.

The songs tell stories from almost every part of the Bible, so we’ve put them in order to make a bible overview. In between each song Will speaks for 30-60 seconds to fill in the gaps in the Bible’s story.

The CDs are 10 Australian dollars each. Postage within Australia is $2.50 per 1-4 copies. Postage to overseas is $3.50 for one copy, and $8.50 for 2-10 copies.

We suggest you don’t listen to it until after we’ve released episode 12 as a podcast (likely in mid 2020), as we think the songs are more enjoyable in their original context. But that’s up to you!

Signed CD

This is the same as above, but signed by Will, to justify the extra cost. Signed CDs are 50 Australian dollars each.

Will’s Draft Lyrics

If you really like one of Will’s songs, you can buy a copy of his draft lyrics for the song, including plenty of lines that didn’t make the final version. Some of these are truly terrible!

The songs are listed below – indicated by episode number, the bible passage they are based on, and the tune Will set the lyrics to.

Prices are in Australian dollars, and are based on
– how complete the draft lyrics are
– whether they’re hand-written or word-processed
– how much people like the song (based on very anecdotal feedback).

You can also receive the song lyrics by becoming a Pilgrim’s Pod partner – see our partnership page – this might be a better option if you’d like to wait until you’ve heard all 12 episodes before choosing which song lyrics you’d like.

1 – Exodus 1-15 – I Ride An Old Paint –

1 – Genesis 50 – Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie –

2 – John 19-20 – Redwing –

2 – Hebrews 11 – Waltzing Matilda –

3 – Judges 13-16 – I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles –

4 – Luke 22 – Take Me to the Ballgame –

6 – Matthew 1 – Cumberland Gap

6 – Luke 2 – Old Black Joe –

6 – Revelation 21-22 – Pay Me My Money Down –

7 – The Bible – Mr Froggie Went-A-Courting –

8 – Numbers 22 – Sweet Betsy from Pike –

9 – Acts 27-28 – Rattlesnake Mountain –

10 – Revelation 21-22 – Home on the Range –

11 – Luke 18-19 – The Girl I Left Behind Me –

12 – Joshua 3 – The Ballad of Casey Jones –

*Song not on the CD.

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