Our team

Will Mackerras writes most of our content, as well as hosting our radio show and singing in the two films we’ve made so far. Will was born in Canberra in Australia and worked there as a lawyer for 5 years before trying his hand at paid Christian ministry in a couple of apprenticeships, one in London and one around Bugilbone in NSW. He then did some theological study in Melbourne in Australia.

In 2013 he returned to the UK to work at All Souls Church Langham Place, where he had been an apprentice, and while in London he decided to start up the Pilgrim’s Pod radio show in his own time as well. After 4 years there he returned to Melbourne, and is now doing some extra training to be ordained as an Anglican minister. You can see Will in the wide picture on the front page of our website here.

Paul Enns was born and raised in Canada and now works as music pastor in the Church of England parish of Tollington in northeast London. He’s married to Louanne, and in his spare time he enjoys anything musical and also a bit of bird watching. In 2013 he decided to devote some of his spare spare time to leading the band for our radio show, which involved selecting and singing a song to finish each episode, playing his guitar, finding session musicians, and leading them and Will in rehearsal. He has also occasionally interviewed Will on air about songs he’s written.

Michael Andrews has played the piano in all but one of our radio episodes so far. He hails from Wales and completed degrees in music at Kings College and Trinity College of Music in London, before taking up a position as Director of Music in the parish of Christ Church in Cockfosters in north London. He also works as a freelance composer and orchestrator at www.michaelandrewsmusic.co.uk. Michael is married to Suzanna and lives in Chessington.

Here are Paul and Michael in rehearsal for our recording in February of 2016.