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The Pilgrim’s Pod is a music and comedy radio show we’ve been recording
mostly before live audiences in London and Melbourne since our first Friday night recording in July 2013. The ‘Pod’ of the title refers to a little case of nourishing fruit or seeds – we hope that’s what the program will be for everyone who listens!

The twelve episodes of our first series will soon be broadcast on Christian
stations around the English-speaking world, and will also be released as a podcast
starting on 7 September 2019. Please look us up wherever you get your podcasts, and you can scroll down to listen to each episode here too.

Peas in the Pod

Each episode of the program has between 4 and 6 segments, which we like to think of as peas in a pod. The peas come in different varieties.

A fun opening song (every episode)

These are sung by our host Will Mackerras, with new words he’s written to old melodies (sometimes borrowing from the original lyrics as well). Tunes in our first series include Redwing, I Ride An Old Paint, Take Me To The Ballgame, and Sweet Betsy from Pike.

An interview (episodes 2, 3, 4, 9)

Interviewees include our bandleader Paul Enns, Canadian singer-songwriter Miriam Jones, and an American lad who could have been a pig farmer but decided to be a school teacher.

A story told by a listener (episodes 4-12)

In most episodes Will also asks a listener to tell a story that they think might be a good illustration for something in the Bible, much like the stories that a preacher would tell in a sermon, but significantly wackier.

A quieter song (episodes 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11)

Paul sings three of these, Will sings two, Miriam Jones sings one, and Paul and Miriam sing one together. Some are songs we wrote ourselves, others are old classics such as ‘Hard Times Come Again No More’.

Will’s monologue story (episodes 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12)

In most episodes Will tells a story from his days in a small town in Australia called Bugilbone. These stories last for between 6 adn 12 minutes, and are completely true, except sometimes Will changes a name to avoid embarrassing anyone but himself. This segment is inspired by Garrison Keillor’s ‘News from Lake Wobegon’ in ‘A Prairie Home Companion’.

A rollicking closing song (every episode)

Paul or Will brings home the show with a rollicking version of an old hymn or Christian spiritual.

Almost an award

A first edit of our 12 episodes was initially broadcast on London’s Premier
Christian Radio in 2016. Following this we were shortlisted for a ‘Jerusalem Award’ for British Christian Broadcasting. We were very chuffed to be one of two smaller shows up against four much bigger BBC ones. In the end the the category was
won by BBC Manchester’s ‘Sunday Breakfast with Mike Shaft.’

Our CD

We’ve made an old-school CD of most of the songs that Will sings on the program.

The songs cover stories from almost every part of the Bible, so we’ve put them in order to make a bible overview. In between each song Will speaks for 30-60 seconds to fill in the gaps in the Bible’s story.

The CDs are $10 each. Postage within Australia is $2.50 per 1-4 copies. Postage to overseas is $3.50 for one copy, and $8.50 for 2-10 copies.

If you’d like to order, click on the title of this post above – ‘Our CD’ – and then scroll down to leave a comment. Comments won’t appear on the site – we’ll just see them behind the scenes.

A photo from our first recording

Here’s a photo taken at our very first recording in London in 2013. Paul Enns is on the left with the guitar. Will is sitting down on the middle. Also in the picture are Pat Longley (fiddle), Phil Alexander (mandolin), Phil Wain (bass) and Sam Foulds (drums). Michael Andrews also joined us on piano, but isn’t in the picture.